It gives me a pleasure to see that this society of multiple specialists involved in treating the children born with this problem, with a devotion to bring them back to normal society, has been formed in India.

Now this society have shown a maturity of moving from place to place in India and creating a cohesive picture for necessary treatment. This has attracted the attention of the International community to provide the attendance of their faculties with Indian co-partners, so that all the delegates are able to get the benefit of their knowledge and expertise in the conferences held since the formation. As desired, the representation of Plastic Surgeons, Maxillo-facial Surgeons, Orthodontists, Speech Therapists, and those who are interested in offering good treatment to these children from the countries other than India, are participating in these meetings.

In each annual meeting Millard Oration, Braithwaite Oration and Founder's Oration are most prestigious orations.

Registration of the Society is over and we have to proceed with the Income Tax authorities to get the Tax Exemption of 80G as a charitable trust.

It is necessary that India as a country with the vast amount of clinical material should produce the details of the demographic knowledge to the world. WHO and related organization are looking for these details. India should find the ways to provide the primary treatment with minimum stages of surgical intervention with maximum benefit to the patient and the families with minimum expenses. Most treatment is performed in the organized manner, so that a good follow up would be available. It is hoped that every child born this problem will get the best treatment, so that they will get comfortable childhood and enjoyable adulthood.

With best wishes,
Dr. Suresh R. Tambwekar
Founder President.

Dr. Pritham N Shetty
Hon. Secretary
Door No. 2846, 4th Main,
14th Cross, K R Road,
Banashankari, 2nd Stage,
Bengaluru, Karnataka,
India - 5600700